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What is Chiyogami Paper and how do designers use it?

What are the best Yuzen Chiyogami Paper's and why are top designers afraid of cheap alternatives?

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Chiyogami Paper designs where originally created during the Edo period of japan. These are textile items built from various patterns, hand crafted and consist mostly of printed graphics with various design elements. Most Chiyogami paper designs are highly vibrant in their use of color and are designed boldly to stand out. Within America, the term "Chiyogami" paper can also be seen as "Yuzen Washi" Paper.

"The word Chiyogami comes from the roots chiyo (thousand generation) and gami (paper)."

Chiyogami paper was originaly known as a craft paper used for Japanese paper dolls and decoration of tins and boxes.

Getting a better understanding of traditional Japanese textiles, and the designs of the Edo period in Japan.

Washi (和紙) or in ancient times, it was called Hishi (斐紙) is known within art industry for its various applications, Inkjet printings, Printmaking, Japanese paintings, Japanese wood printing, screenprinting and even modern day Japanese artbooks.

Many Japanese print master's have created these well-crafted, handmade papers and
Japanese designs for over 400 years. Many artists and designers within America have used these patterns as inspiration for their own works. A popular choice of "Chiyogami Paper" used by japan's top talented professionals within the design field is the Yuzen Chiyogami LARGE Set of 40 Sheetsjapanese american chiyogami paper for it's quality and size per batch.

Japanese Culture has become more modern and will continue to change. As we see Japanese books from top Japanese artists, we can get a better understanding japan's culture.

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